'Removing Barriers' learning tool/ board game

Removing Barriers: Positive Attitudes
Removing Barriers- a board game to improve awareness of barriers faced by disabled people. Removing Barriers is a light hearted board game which engages users in discussion about the barriers that face disabled people, and suggests ways in which those barriers can be overcome. Disabled people are significantly more likely to experience unfair treatment at work, and in the other scenarios, than non-disabled people. The game aims to provide education about serious subject in a fun and accessible manner, in order to reduce stigma and improve understanding of issues surrounding disability. Removing Barriers uses the social model of disability which defined disability in terms of negative attitudes and discrimination caused by a society which fails to meet the needs of people with impairments. Over 1000 people have played the Removing Barriers game in further education, training and employment settings, with overwhelmingly positive feedback received. Impact: An appealing education tool for use with practicing and trainee healthcare professionals, plus within schools, workforces and community organisations. Reducing stigma could lead to improved quality of life for disabled people. Better education of NHS staff about how best to help and interact with disabled people would improve patient care and may result in cost savings.

Toyah Wordsworth


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